Poem to a Past Self

January 11, 2008
Back when you were no one and untitled
Back when you called anxiety another hole in the head
Back when summer solitude was the way to your heart, the remedy
The world called
And you didn’t want to answer
You lived between a bad day
And a bad day
It was just another old day
Between spoonfuls of rumors and borrowed time
Between mouthfuls of innocence and ignorance
You did not love you for you
Because you were an imposter
You buried your head
Left behind
You wouldn’t speak
And now
I won’t let you

On the edge of seventeen
I know a couple of things
I don’t hate myself for losing you
This is my life
I don’t wear a halo
And that is my saving grace
But that doesn’t mean I will let you drag me down
Perfection does not exist, so quit trying
Listen carefully and closely
Because this is the last time I will address you
I bled you from my pen
Drained you from my present
You’re stuck on this page
As I break free
You are trapped in my history
So here you will stay
Captured in my poem to a past self.

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bethanyjoemama said...
Jun. 22, 2010 at 4:52 pm
Beautiful. Stunning. When will we hear from Miss Baker again, I wonder? She's the next Ernest Hemingway. 
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