How It's Done

April 7, 2011
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The summer sun begins to dim
As another day begins to end.
The sun sinks down as the sky turns red,
and many begin to settle in bed.
Birds cease chirping, and insects hide;
Cats curl up, and dogs close their eyes.
The moon creeps up while stars appear, with no clouds tainting the sky so clear.
A breeze whispers here;a leaf flits there,
But other than these,no sound moves the air.
Then the engine starts, and it's put in drive;
On the 70 roads, we go eighty-five
With the windows down, and the radio blaring,
eyes focused ahead; at the road they're staring.
The brake is applied, the car slows down,
And we get out, ready, for our night on the town.
'Cause at night is when we all have fun;
I promise ya friend, this is how it's done.

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