From My Lips

January 10, 2008
By Kathleen Pulice, East Greenville, PA

You could take away my ears
For without them, I cannot hear.
The loss of my nose would conceal
All scents, but I still have no fear.

Even without my eyes, I could
Still sense life around through touch.
Touch, though, is still unimportant.
Death of my voice would be too much.

With it, I can hope and flourish;
I open my mouth and words flow out.
Blossoming like an open flower,
I speak my dreams, limits without.

Stories and jokes, always in search
Perhaps of a laugh or smile;
When it’s found, I gain one myself,
Illuminating for a mile.

Of course, lest I forget, it sings,
Wide open mouth, with bright red lips.
In all languages and rhythms,
I sing and shake it, hands on hips.

Regardless of noisy racket,
My voice can always be heard
My one outlet for all I know,
I tend to seem much like a nerd.

However, as strange as I sound,
I still speak my thoughts without care.
Some may laugh at my ideas and words,
But I know I have style and flair!

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