Better than Beautiful

March 17, 2011
You're an angel without wings
You make my heart skip a beat
When god took you out of heaven
He sent you straight to me
You're my guardian
You're my savior
You're my simple everything
From the day that I first met you
To the day we had to leave

I never told you that I love you
even though you stole my heart
I never told you that I want you
though you had me from the start
When I wrote my thoughts on paper
could you read between the lines
When you touched me oh so softly
could you tell that I was shy

You're my heart
You're my soul
You're a diamond in the rough
To tell you that you're beautiful
just wouldn't be enough
You're a kiss
You're a hug
What makes me warm inside
You're the things that I love
You're the sunshine in my life

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