What I Think of You

January 10, 2008
By Bryan Hansen-Hardwick, Las Vegas, NV

I cry at night while I think of you
I smile at night when I think of you
I feel the world crash around me when I think of you

I know when you think of me
I can feel it can't you.
I know when your near me
I can just tell its you
I know how you feel
I know its real when i think of you

The moon is dark and I am a afraid
but when you come it goes away
Your love is what protects me from the
shadow of doubt
Your love it saves me when i
feal like I'm going to explode
Your love is the cloud that I sleep on at night
Your love is the net the catches me

When I think of you
my life becomes new
And I dont feel a shade of gentle blue
The shadows will come but you will
save me becouse it is you that is my
Gaurdian, you will save me
That is what I think of you.

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