Two Birds, One Song

January 21, 2008
By Lydia Schaffer, Arlington, TX

Alternate universes can sometimes collide
But it’s just like a roller coaster, fast and slow
Which makes it a really bumpy ride
It takes both parts to make it go

One bird is singing to the sunrise
In her world it’s a sunny day on a stage with awed crowds
And the other bird is just closing her eyes
To a day that was rainy with cottony clouds

They’re not exactly two birds of a feather
But they’ll meet at an equatorial branch or tree
To fly through each others’ weather
So they can understand and see

Attempting to fathom together their flight patterns and trails
Before the jet streams carry them back away
They try to comprehend the opposite’s doldrums and gales
There is common ground for at least a day

So meet two birds that are ordinarily cacophonous
The two worlds collide
Jointly their harmony and melody resonate something harmonious
And concurrently their wings and songs glide

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