There Is More

January 21, 2008
There is more to a mango
Than its luscious green peel
And mouthwatering tropical scent.
There is the deep golden sun of Vietnam
That basks it throughout the summer
Producing grins from many pleased mango farmers.

There is more to a book
Than the sound of crispy fresh pages
Turning in anticipation
And its captivating stories of adventures afar.
There is the passion of the writer deep inside
And the gift they have chosen to share.

There is more to a daffodil
Than its bright innocent complexion
And buttery smooth petals.
There is a honey it possesses that honeybees adore
And a beautiful message it carries
That sweethearts just can't ignore.

There is more to a house
Than the furnishing it wears
And the size it boasts.
There is a family in there
That loves, cries, laughs, and shares.
There is inside a moment of truth.

There is more to me
Than eyeglasses, shyness,
And messy hair.
There is a hope from generations beyond
All bottled within ready to explore
And experience what this new land was here for.

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