Joe the poke fan and his life

March 21, 2011
By joey priest BRONZE, EAST JORDAN, Michigan
joey priest BRONZE, EAST JORDAN, Michigan
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Joe was a Pokemonn expert that was born around the time Pokemonn was develops in Japan cause a person known as Satoshi Tiajiri created the original 151 Pokemonn. Joe collected every Pokemonn game ever produced in Japan and translated to English in the United States and had every card, book, DVDs, and plush’s and had a ranking of 8-100 witch was all because he had good strategy and knew how to throw off his opposites and defeat their teams. Every time he went to an event he whore his Ash Ketchum cosplay outfit and cared the hand made badges he bought off of eBay. Today marks the day he was going to get the new Pokemonn games to add to his collection Pokemonn black and white and he was hyped up cause he was on his way to the release party of black and white on march 5th, one day before its officially released in the rest of the united states.
He still remembered when he got his first Pokemonn game, it was the original Pokemonn red and had the mew glitch was a huge secret because nobody knew it was in the game at the time . He got in line that was about 2-3 miles long and it was about 5:30 pm and it started at 6:00. it took about 20 min until he got closer to the entrance and finally got in and the first thing he did is to buy his copies of black and white and then bought his ticket to see zoroark: master of illusions cause he missed the premier on cartoon network but this was way better anyway. After that he bought one of every thing that was at the Pokemonn center. He got back to his apartment around 10:30 and he had a load of stuff at least 5 bags full of what he bought and he was exhausted from partying to much and went to bed.
He got up the next morning and went to home depot and bought some wood, hooks and nails and a drill and went back to his apartment and started building self’s for is new addition’s to his collection and made at least 8 selves cause he was a wiz as a student in woods shop in high school and started to carefully arranged his new Pokemonn fancies on his selves from figures to pins and books to plush’s everything you could imagine that was at the Pokemonn center it was in his house or should I say mansion that was 3 feet tall and had 20 bed rooms and five bathrooms the first 10 bedrooms where for his collection and 8 was for his roommates that where into Pokemonn too one was for his dog his dog grothile and one was for himself. It was the afternoon when he finished with his little project and went to make lunch and he wanted something to make quickly so got a TV diner, put it in the microwave and waited five minutes when it was done he could smell the aroma of the spaghetti and the peaches that was in his tray and fed his dog. Then he sat down and watched his other favorite show south park cause no one would just watch Pokemonn would they After that he went for a walk with his dog grothile and it’s not a real Pokemonn it just looks like one. So he walked it dog through the park and played fetched.
He got back at six and started to make dinner for his roommate’s cilan, May, Dawn, Sooti, Paul, Bianca, Cheren, Barry and Iris Joe and cilan where best at cooking dinner and then they all sat on the couch and ate there lasagna which was very good. Everyone got full and they all decided to go to bed.

The end

The author's comments:
the way pokemon has changesd through the yaers and thae way some people are still into this anima show and games still just amaze me

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