TO Care

January 20, 2008
It was black when we first met
We hardly ever saw who each other really was
For you were set on the differernt path and I was all eyes for another

The time went and left
My heart was in peices,
But that faithful green day came
You were the only one I knew
We became friends as one only can
Others felt the chemestry in which we both failed
For we missed all of the signs planted in front of our face
I made a crude mistake,
I was a coward and went into my wait

Finaly the last day had come, we were clad in blue
I tried to forget my past actions
My past feelings
But seeing you there, waiting and smiling was all I needed
to remember
to care

I had many of friends on the team
I only told one about you.
When I turned around there you were

This time my best friend, your sister
They felt what the past team did
and what we ignored
but I kept my feelings in check
only small things left

and now to this day I try to forget
the deep brown eyes
the brown almost wavy hair
the always friendly air
the smiling
the memoeries
the care.

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