To Love is to hate

January 20, 2008
By Lexis Aragon, Miami, FL

To Love is to fear
To Love is to not want
To Love is to Tear
To want to block out, To protect your feelings
To put up a sheald, without even believing
To keep pushing and pushing just like my father did
To distroy what was once beautiful And to what could of been
To Try and pray to spare one life
Knowing that they will soon see the light
Saddly I have no choice but to say
From Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
I am what I am
I am my fathers creation
I am Not Unique
I am just one of his other temptations
An Exact erplica Of what was once an angel
Saddly Distroyed With My many fears and nightmares
To Look Into ones life is oh so very easy
But to have one life is oh so very cheasy
Dont Go by what others have to say
she use to tell me
Go by whats in you heart and soul
and act farely
Sad and confused
Not knowing what to do
Is this the same man I once Knew
The man I once knew
Would never speak of such thing to do
Yet One Day I see that I was not alone
To my surprize I hear
I am not him
I am my oun
Another with a simalar story to mine
As Strong as I am Never To Back Down Said
Yes, yes you are, you are just like all the others
He Looked at me and Without a stutter said
Would you believe me if I told You somthing?
I As High As I Felt Said Yes,...... Go ahead,..... Do as you Please
He said
If I could gather all the stars in the sky along with all the Galexys
Just to say
I Love You
I would
In Shock Not Ever hearing those words
I felt smaller than an ant
Wanting to hide in a crack
Help Me
Help Me What should I do?
I know
Put Up Another Big wall too.
.......... Saddy I will forever be alone.

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