The shadows of the moon rise for one person

January 19, 2008
By sarah schwabe, Mesa, AZ

The shadows of the moon rise for one person,
for one thing.
The miracles in the time of need are endless,
The voices in my head are telling me to go forward.
Yet the shadow still haunts my mind, leaving me behind.
If only you knew, if only I could tell you,
exactly how I feel,
exactly how I know.
When I sit down,
I feel you next to me.
When I shout out loud,
you're the only one who hears me.
The only one I scream to,
the only one that cares.
That shadow is no long there,
now that you're here.
I can no longer hear the voices,
because I'm already on the right track.
Starting by sitting next to you.

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