My love for you never existed

January 19, 2008
By Pakiangel25 SILVER, Briarwood, New York
Pakiangel25 SILVER, Briarwood, New York
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My love for you never existed
It was just sign for you
I abhorred you since the first time we met
You are the nightmare of Halloween
You are the peasant if I were the queen
You are the wall if I was the nail
You the heart beat in a dying snail
You are the hatred I have
You are my sheepish clever laugh
You are the darkness of doom
You are the unsuccessful book by Judy Bloom
In my heart for you there is no room
You are the blood in the veins of evil
In hell you are the devil
You are the pain from the past
My hatred for you will always last
But today my heart seems to have soften
Now you stay in the depth of my soul
In the depth of my heart
That is because I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart
You are the wishers wish
You are a dreamers dream
You are the bloods in my vein
You are the shadows of my dream
You are the heart beat of my heart
The mind of my master mind
The soul of the soul
My wildest dreams
You are beyond my imagination
That is because you do not exist
So I am going to let my dream stay a dream
But when my eyes do open I am just going to lie awake

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