Blissfully soft landscapes

January 18, 2008
By Issaiah Wallace, Enterprise, WV

(Blissfully soft landscapes
Blend in fondly with your eyes green
With divine cry and angelic sake
I open mine to the world less often seen)

"Forever" lasts about as long as the memory
In a world where infinity graces clouds of shadow
But I assure you these words be but an entry
Scribed within a journal hiding just beneath my pillow

Compassionate drought
Feelings turn to dust
Barren fields of doubt
Dehydrated with tears of lust

The pages wither on this diary
And alas our memories die
Love alone guides us through eternity
Like a catcher thro' the rye

This reads like a passage upon a tombstone
With the words eroding away
But it is much more a eulogy than even a poem
A transcription of what you'd say

This scroll is as tainted as myself
Poetry worded in blood
Just as a candle can only but melt
And hearts just as much

There is static crowding the airwaves
That lead to the workings of my soul
Caught within this novel I now awake
Stuck in this plot that makes me whole

Entail me sweetly
Breathing like a whisper
Speaking poetry
And yet not an answer

When feelings doth subside
And circumstance leaves a scar
It is only love that is tried
And you see finally how things are

So leave your heart fruitless
Let me abolish and surrender your sorrow
When life is faithless
I will be with you 'til forever's tomorrow

When all seems lost hang on for hope is there
Truly nothing be more special
For if it not what be the resolution from despair…

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