April 2, 2011
By em0punkl0v3r PLATINUM, MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas
em0punkl0v3r PLATINUM, MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas
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"Live like you will only live once, party like there's no tomorrow, die leaving you know you gave all you got."

Listen to the mute man,
He knows what to say.
Follow the blind man,
He will show the way.
Sing to the deaf man,
He loves your sound.
Dance with the paralyzed man,
His feet will touch the ground.
Lie to the psychics,
They already know.
Bake with a light bulb,
And watch as your cake grows.
Play without music,
And tap your foot to tuneless beats,
Scream into darkness,
And watch how it repeats.
Talk to the dead man,
He has been through much.
Break up with your best friend,
Yours and their hearts touch.
Talk to the silence,
It knows you the best.
Feel the lonely beating,
Of your heart out of your chest.
Cry when you have no feelings,
Just to know you can.
Write on paper everything,
When you have no hands.
Walk and run in open fields,
Your footless legs can do it.
Pick up walls with strength that's gone,
Just so you can prove it.
Now you know that you can live,
And no one here can die.
For we're immortal and at peace,
This world, and you, and I.

The author's comments:
This piece just goes to prove that you can do whatever you want, if you set your mind to it.

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