To the Skateboarder on My Way to Church

April 4, 2011
By Alexandra Payne BRONZE, Raymore, Missouri
Alexandra Payne BRONZE, Raymore, Missouri
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You see, I saw you practice
Jumping rails and stairs and such
I almost went and talked to you-
But wasn't brave enough

You'd probably have laughed at me
But, how am I to know?
You could have come to church with me...
But, you might have just said no.

Either way, I tell you this:
As my legs took me away
I thought only of what would have been
Had I only the courage to stay

Slipping slowly through my fingers,
I let the moment pass
Each step towards a sermon
Leaving you a part of my past

I justified my actions
By guessing and judging yours
And oh, I'd make things right with you
But for time's relentless force

I wonder as I think of you
And scribble out this rhyme
Would you have come to church with me?
If I could only turn back time...

The author's comments:
Sadly, a true story about a missed opportunity.

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