Bullied and Beaten

March 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Sitting in my usual even-numbered seat
Donald fell into the seat before mine, odd number.
I sensed his anger, covered by blaring music
“What’s wrong?” was the question
He released the day’s pain on my shoulders
Someone spit on him in class
Kids laughed and shoved him in crowded halls
He shook. Proudly. “Look at me shake”
I sought Helen, the bus driver, the security camera,
Unaware, they offered no help
Calmly he says, “I’m going to shoot them all”
Was he just upset? I tried to peel apart his story.
Today he goes to his abusive step-dad’s house
“He has a gun, I know where it is”
“You won’t kill me? Right?”
“Everyone but you.”
The teachers, principals, football players…
How do I help someone who has been ripped apart?
Relief fell as we reached his stop
After dinner my job was made clear
“Fort Zumwalt School District Safeline?...”

The author's comments:
This was inspired by a boy on my bus in 10th grade.

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