Smoking Love

March 31, 2011
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" I hate you Charles, you always find a way to upset me on a good day", those were the last words I said before i stormed out of his room into the living-room. " I'm sorry bae, just listen to me", he said in the most honest voice that was full of sorrow. I didn't respond, I just rushed to the thick white latched door, opened it and went two houses down to my big red apartment building. I sat on the porch not worrying about the big black ants that are usually there, which I am very grossed out by. My eyes started to water up as if i were cutting a pound of onions and a few seconds later i started to cry like a baby that was just born. " I'm the one that was there from the start and he decides he wants to stay in touch with his ex girlfriend and talk on the phone with her, I don't need this"! I whipped the tears off my face and stood up, I started to stomp on the big black ants while picturing his ex girlfriends face. "Take this you goofy stragg!", In a voice full of negative energy. I pulled out my phone and called my cousins over so that I could get him out of my mind. I then walked into the building up the five stairs that lead me to the first floor and walked up to my door on the right side of the hallway. I pulled out my gold key and turned it to the right slowly feeling all cried out, the door squeaked as i walked in. I flopped on the couch and sat in silence until the door bell rang, I look out the window and to my surprise there stood Charles. " Can you let me explain baby", he yelled out. "No, I just need time to think Charles". " Come on now, you didn't even let me explain", he exclaimed. "Maybe later because right now I don't want to be bothered!", I pulled the curtains down and flopped back on the bed. I then turned on the television trying to find something to make. I chose South Park, "Lol, that silly Cartman", "He's so fat and clueless", I said to myself in mid-laughter. The doorbell rang again, "I hope this isn't Charles, I told him I'll talk later", I thought to myself as i walked to the window to see who it was. It was my cousins, LV, Lo-lo, and Fred. "Come let us in Woo!", Lo-lo hollered out. " Okay, hold on", I replied.

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