Everyday the same thing

January 22, 2008
By Brittany Bogue, Watertown, SD

Everyday the same thing
No surprises anywhere
She wears a mask
To hide her heart
And no one seems to care
Is she right when she says
It’s all hopeless?
Why try if you know you can’t win?
Yet someone’s always there
And they help her through
So she knows that
She just can’t give up yet
Gotta keep trying
Gotta get stronger
Gotta keep moving on
Gotta keep standing strong
They finally see
Her walls fall down

When her walls fall
She feels lost
She knows she is vulnerable
And wants to run
Yet she stays
To hear what they will say
When they see her
She prays that they won’t turn away

She can’t take this again
Watching them walk away
Her greatest fear becoming reality
How can she stand
Watching those she loves turn around
Saying she’s not good enough
She has nothing left to offer them
To change their mind is her dream
But instead she watches them turn away
She cries out as she feels her heart break
As the words she hoped would never come
Are said
“This is your fault.”
That’s all it took
And now she is down
She is wounded again
Her healer is coming

Working on her heart
Knowing she can make it through with him by her side
She claims her right to hope
She stands back up again
She knows that she is right
And walks away from them

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