Je T'aime

January 22, 2008
By Leigh Paris, Goldsboro, NC

Pledged to the dark sky, the clouds that linger above the earth
upon which night flies, waiting for those to turn
a heart broken, a heart lost...
You run from the problems once more.

Why must I wait for the stars to shine?
Why must the trees beckon our kind
to the world of the unknown?; I have yet to be ready
Fly little bird, your wings are so pretty.

Breaking out of the hourglass
You wanted immortality, and you found death
Look at how this came around
happy little Jesus? You shall be crowned.

IMPOSTER! IMPOSTER! the residents scream
heads turn and face the crowd
This is what you've got yourself into
and I'm not welcoming help.

Begging for release, your body aches so
Trembling at the mere mention of death
Are you frightened? Little bird, spread your wings
and fly like you do every time you're in need.

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