March 29, 2011
By Anonymous

My favorite relative is my cousin Danny because he and I went every where together. He is only 1 month younger than I. We had sleep-overs every time we got together. We both liked to go to swimming and California has a lot of warm weather and pools. It was the best time I had with my cousin.

Then I had to go to Utah. My family had to move to Utah to find a place to live and get jobs. My dad had a relative here, so my aunt helped us. Now I don’t see Danny as much I want to.

A couple years later my family and I went to California to visit. When we got there, Danny wasn’t there. That sucked. It wasn’t fun because I didn’t have my favorite cousin to hang out with.

Two years later I got a call from Danny and we talked for 2 hours.
I wondered if he was living in the same place. We talked about video games and girls. I think Danny and I will always be good friends.

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