When I was young at the Ocean

March 30, 2011
By TMHSMP BRONZE, Auke Bay, Alaska
TMHSMP BRONZE, Auke Bay, Alaska
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When I was young at the ocean
I’d watch the porpoises leap and frolic in front of the fast moving boat
Like it was a game of who could be faster and win the playful race
Sometimes the dog would come stick his head out the side to bark at them to let him join
But he only got splashed

When I was young at the ocean
I’d feel the warm sea breeze tickle my face laughing with joy that I had come out to play
Seagulls flew through the air screaming with hunger and riding the ocean air currents
Sometimes I’d scream to except louder in a more laughing childish way

When I was young at the ocean
I would get lulled to sleep by the rolling of the waves
Like someone was rocking me back and forth
Through the ocean wasn’t always gentle, some days it would have fits
But most of the time it behaved

As the sun went down
The ocean seemed to hold the sun’s hand for a few hours
The sound of the waves putting my mind at ease if I could hear it over the whirring engine
When I was young, I never wished to climb mountains, or live in a city, or camp in the woods
The ocean was enough
It still is

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