Being A Teen

March 30, 2011
Being a teen can be easy and fun.

But at times it`s hard to the point you yell and say im done.

I got let down so many times and i started to believe it.

I prove everybody wrong because i have a goal and i want to achieve it.

Of course of im not perfect, i make mistakes as well.

Looking at me you`ll never know because me emotions never tell.

I did some crazy things, do i regret it yes.

If i had a timeline it would help but for now i`m doing my best.

I understand people cant relate to my problems and feel what i feel.

I do know we struggle with things in life that serious and also real.

So what i`m 16,to doesnt matter about your age.

It matters about your feelings, are they free or stuck in a cage.

I have this dream of my name being yelled from left to right.

Maybe its a dream come true ot its just a dream i have every night.

When the sun goes down, i am who i am and i can only be me.

i cant pretend to play many rolls, not one,two nor three.

Just remember i am a teen and i can get through it all.

No matter what comes my way i will stand my ground and i`ll never fall

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