March 23, 2011
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Picture in my Mind
As I walk through the quickly fading, orange forest my daydreaming mind wanders.
The fallen leaves, brittle from the humidity, crunch softly beneath my weary feet.
Looking dreamily into the bare meadow before me I realize that it isn’t bare at all.
I stare wondering at the wonderous animal in front of me.
It’s long, black, luscious mane flutters in the wind like a newly hatched butterfly.
His body looked firm but at the same time I felt the urge to reach out tenderly and touch it, to see if it was soft.
He moves restlessly back and forth as if, wondering whether to move closer or not.
He moves a bit closer, but deep in his heart of gold he knows that he’s a dark creature of the unpredictable wild.
I could see it in his green smouldering eyes, the raw savageness of a lone traveler.
The loneliness of a breaking soul that wanders longingly without a companion.
His black, shiny, solid hooves stomp the ground trying desperately to scare me away, but my being longs to comfort him.
As I reach out hesitantly he suddenly stiffens and sprints to the shade and protection of the dying forest.
I am reminded that he is only an animal and blue, salty tears sting my eyes and creep down my red cheeks.
I am reminded as I take one more sorry step, that he is

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BigBird2472 said...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 5:15 pm

At first I didn't really get what it meant, but then when I read what inspired you to write it,

it almost made me cry because of how touching it was.

i love the descriptive words.

Keep it up,


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