goodbye my friend

January 17, 2008
goodbye my friend
i shall see you again
in heaven where the stars stay
i will be there one day

nothing is the same
since the day you went away
you mabey on a star
but i love you wherever you are

my sas with you are long long past
they're right, fun never does lst.
i awlways wanted to be like you

we worked hard on those little building moments we had
side-by-side, we never stoped we alwasy tried.

i never played with alot of girly toys
i was alwasy with you, alwasy a tomeboy
you changed who i am today
a debt i can never repay

but know that in my heart your alive
until the day in heaven, i finally arive
your in the hearts of all you touch
we all still love you very much

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