Blessed Country

March 19, 2011
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The melancholy pebbles cried out in joyance and ecstasy,
As they were flung into the rupturing waters heedlessly,
The ravishing blue sky looked down enthralled in delight,
As little bewitching eyes blessed it with their mere sight,

The frivolous brown sands slithered out of the little naked hands,
As they were magically transformed into castles of the fairy-lands,
The vociferous winds soothingly played a harmonious song,
As they lightly brushed against the tender cheek-bones playing along,

The sparkling stars earnestly listened to grandma’s old tale,
As they tried to shower their radiance upon the curled-up snail,
The merry lambs jumped about gaily in the heavenly twilight,
As the euphoric children of God turned into sunflowers overnight,

Ohh…Blessed, blessed! How blessed is this country?
That is gifted with children all humpty-dumpty.

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