March 18, 2011
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After getting out of the shower for the third time today,
Envy starts to put on her make up.
Sliding her tight jeans on makes it uncomfortable to walk,
Envy puts a shirt on that reveals some cleavage.
Looking in the mirror for the fourth time in three minutes,
Envy makes sure that everything is perfect.
The way she tries to walk is like a supermodel in high heels,
On a runway with her head held high,
Making sure she does not miss a step.
As she walks past a coffee shop filled with testosterone driven men,
They start to drool like a dog with rabies.
They’re all on their knees,
Bowing like she’s a pharaoh and they are all the servants.
Cars begin to beep loud when the drivers see her in their sights.
Cheering erupts when the winning team of the super bowl,
Returns home,
The police finish clearing up the accidents,
From the presence of this thing that people call a goddess or,
An angel,
The cops flirt with her but,
She flips her hair over her shoulder and,
Walks away leaving them in tears like a baby,
After being dropped on the ground

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