Its cool in the day

January 15, 2008
By David Mcguire, Bakersfield, CA

Its cool in the day
all kids go out an play
images in yo head that says every thing is ok
Its light everybody can see everyones alright
until it reachs night
thats when you hear evil
enemies plotting
gun fire is pointed at the cops
so the ones that are supposed to protect drop!
no good is sought out
just sound a sleep
stuck in a idealist dream
a fist that can't be released
to tiet for any to see
so the good is open for a attack
as it gets darkers evil gets biggger by the stack
its a fact theres a body with no soul rotten in dispair
and violece roams in the air
any at night can compare
all manners all gone
just dark angel playing a slow song
all wrong is kept a secret
like yo best friend told u something not to tell
but tomorrow u tell to cause more hell
all shops are closed
evil it self is not bold!
all things have to be hidden
what happen in hells kitchen
so who knows what happen in them empty streets
all light the darkness keeps
kids wheep until morning
then all is seen
its cool in the day
all kids come out an play
nobody is sleep
everyone has woken from there dream

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