So To Be In Memory of.......

March 12, 2011
By , Sidney, NE
I told you I had a lot on my mind, but you didnt believe me!

All you ever said was "Im sorry."

I told you I love you, no matter what happens in life!

All I got in reply was "me too."

You got mad at me when I tried to talk to you like you wanted!

But you would yell at me and put me down like Im nothing!

Im suffacating under your pressure and hurt, your putting apone me!

I was hoping you were going to stand by me for the rest of our lives!

Guess I was wrong, about everything!

I dont want to breath no longer, I just want my happy place as the sound of the gun takes me there!

In my heart and soul I will always be with you, no matter what!

But its time to say good bye for!

Good Bye! *Bang*

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