January 15, 2008
By Morgan Conners, Fairfield, CT

How long will it take
for the flames
with their
unmasked hatred
to extend their scolding arms
and engulf you
with their blazing fury
until their is nothing
but ash

How long will it take
for the murderous army
sent by the almighty
the ruler
of terror,
of death,
to fight a battle
a battle without mercy
as it embeds every last part of you
with the disease that kills
the disease that starts with can
as in
can I survive?
can I live,
just another day?

How long will it take
for your bald head to be lain down
free of tears,
and pain,
and for the flames of hell to ignite
and wrap you in an embrace
of smug delight
for he knows he has won
as you are nothing

but ash

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