California, I think yes!

March 15, 2011
By Molli Bevill BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
Molli Bevill BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
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If I could move any, where would I go?
Illinois is nice, but I want nice weather all year round.
I got it…California it is!
Moving to California, packing up my things
Parents sad to see me leave, but know I’ll call them as soon as I get there
Tears fall and fill eyes with sadness, hearts broken as they try staying strong.
Wiping tears on sleeves, parting ways, showing signs of independence
They finally let their little girl go.
Leaving the driveway for a long car ride, with the music blaring
I smile and wave as the tears come out from underneath my big black sunglasses.
Knowing I may not want to leave, I know it will be best for me
Opening the studio I’ve always wanted,
I have finally reached the perfect place.
Meeting the boy of my dreams, hopefully taking his name later on
Moving into my ideal dream house, going to the beach everyday
Perfect tan, the ideal life I have always wanted.
Until one little one who later on just happens to make an appearance.
Taking pictures like there is no tomorrow, enjoying one another’s company
The perfect family everyone has always wanted to have, I ended up having.
Looks like the perfect family portrait I’ve always wanted to create.

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