Ode to the Hockey Game: The Final Betwixt the USA and Canada

March 7, 2011
By CelloTeen95 BRONZE, Central Point, Oregon
CelloTeen95 BRONZE, Central Point, Oregon
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‘Tis a big thing, don’t ask me why
To the Maple leaf lovers in Canada
When they grab their skates and tie
Them on their feet and grab their stick
And run to the rink and skid on the ice so slick
And hit the puck of rubber around to the net
It’s life, not just a sport to be met

To Americans it’s a sport not life
Like Football, Baseball, even throwing a knife
And hockey’s included in this magical list
When we do the same and skate in the mist
It’s not life not a sport and sports are our life

So it happened one February, one cold, foggy day
In the town of Vancouver the board met to say
That the US and Canada would play the final game
For Gold and Silver and all of the fame

So they met on the ice on the rink
And they shook hands and one got a wink
And on the opening face-off the Red took the puck
(For clarification “Red” is Canada and “Blue” is US—good luck)
They took it down the rink, and Blue took it back
The Red took a shot at the net and a punch it packed
But the Blue blocked it back since we’re pretty cool
And Red brought it back just to follow the rule
(That is, you’re supposed to win)

And at the end of the third, with one minute to play
Canada was winning, 2-1 on this cold, foggy day
It was ticking the seconds, 30, 29, 28
When Blue scored a goal, not a second too late
So went into overtime, with minds running fast
The first one to score won the game at last

And sorrowfully then, with just ten minutes to play
The Red won the game and just had to say
“We’re better than you, we beat you, we’re done”
“Be happy with silver ‘cause we already won”

So we did, we went home, and we’re OK with losing
Cause silver’s not bad and we know were still easing
Into National hockey but SOMEday the Red’s we’ll meet
And this time we’ll win and put Red in their seat

The author's comments:
I loved watching the Olympics in Vancouver and the biggest event was the final hockey game. We lost, but I was inspired to write this Ode.

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