ive been lost in my head

January 14, 2008
By Josh leaverton, Saint Joseph, MO

ive been lost in my head, for quite some while
yet inside i feel tired, like i have walkd for miles
my future seems dark, so i trip and i stumble
my life is a paper which i feel has suddenly crumbled
my surroundings instantly change, i feel incapable
my past memories start to seem untraceable
my present and future seem un realistic
like a flight back home just after you missed it
these four walls enclose me, i try to escape
im claustrophobic, as i gasp for air in a panic state
like a cartoon, viscous knives point rapidly out
i cant think stright, my last resort was to aggressively shout
the spikes tear through my t-shirt, into my spine
i awake in a sweat, and pray one last time
so i pray for a gurl that can inspire my rhymes
so beautiful and lovely as her words kind
to help me escape from these horridness nightmares
and be by my side with no gurl to compare
i will love her untill i have none to spare
the last guy broke her heart...now its mine to repair

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