Let's start from the beginnging

January 14, 2008
Let's start from the beginnging,
of all what you did.
Playing all you're lies,
Your the playground I'm the kid.
And could we make it through the end?
Even if we tried.
But the truth is what you bend,
wrapped in all of your lies.

If you showed me you loved me,
told me you cared.
Maybe you'd know by now,
why I wasn't there.
Let's start form the beginnging,
make it to the end.
Just stop all your begging,
cause it's just pretend.

So another chance I gave you,
such a big mistake.
And why would you of done this?
Limits that you break.
Yeah I'm through with you,
and your games.
And I'll always remember this,
from scars that remain.

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