I can’t see you

January 14, 2008
By kate perry, Alta Loma, CA

I can’t see you
I haven’t enough to memorize your face
just your lips
Not mannerisms
or long hair (just like Beck’s)
but I can see your smile

and frown

apathetic, how I like you
Smoke coming between big teeth
I try to suck it in to taste something you taste

I’ve read your poems
and I’ve read your prose
and I want to put my face against your head
where those lyrics were born
before I was
or at least before I knew you existed
Before the thoughts of sitting with you
hearing you
watching your mouth form words
infected me
Before listening to what you have to say
when you’re not in a natural state of mind(more natural than reality for you)

I want to change your decision of women

and breasts
Not because I don’t approve;
you think of men the way I think of men
Just another way we find commonality

We could be isolated
Let's forget of your opinion
of what lies underneath my skirt
I will try to forget I’m in love
with your best friend(but also the idea of you)
Isolate ourselves in the fields that you write of
Spend an afternoon with smoke in our lungs
and your mouth on mine
so I can stop thinking about it
when I’m in my government class
or when you are across from me
cold and tired, cheeks flushed but calm
sucking on a cigarette, smiling

and laughing
with little noise, stoned out of your mind.

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