January 14, 2008
By Colin Flanders, Saratoga Springs, NY

Our beloved nation
Was shocked that day
We will never forget
The ones that payed
No one deserved this
No one knew
That the day they go to work
Would be there last day too
So now we morn
About the ones who passed
And now we pray
Their impression will always last
It's one thing remember
It's another to feel
How the families involved
Remember this ordeal
The brave men and women
Who serve this great place
We give our thanks
As we wipe the tears from our face
There couldn't be much done
We just hoped they'd came out unharmed
But when everything was over
The whole world was alarmed
We think about that one day
We may not know their names
Or what they did
But we know we will never be the same

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