Heels and Sneakers

January 14, 2008
Some are short, some are fat, and some are tall
I prefer to just wear them all
Some are red, some are blue
Some of them just look like an ordinary shoe
Some show your toe
And some make you feel like you grow
Wear them to church
Wear the ones that are low
Or just wear them when you want to grow
So you'lllook like a little fashion show!

Some are fat, some are big, some are namebrand
Some people wear the ones that are the color of brown sand
Some are pink, some are red
Some look like an UGLY piece of bread
Some are Nike, some are Pastries
Some even have little laces
Wear them to track
Wear the ones that are namebrand
Don't wear the ones that look like brown sand
Or you'll just look like a lame, man!

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