January 14, 2008
The office is bright;
Colors like
Bold oranges,
Sky blues,
Fire truck reds,
Sunny yellows,
And Lime greens
Surround the room.
Quaint in size
But clean and nicely decorated.
Children coughing,
Children sneezing,
Children crying
Heard within.
Patients wait,
Sitting on black sofas
Until they get the signal from Doctor Della.
“Theresa, the Doctor will see you now.”

“Finally I get to go home.”
Della is exhausted
Excitement builds.
Thoughts of Bud
Race through her mind.
Della flys down the gravel road;
Forest green Ford pickup,
Rusted bumper,
Broken passenger door.
Windows down,
Breeze flows.
Old country music blasts
Throughout the car.

House in sight.
Farm land for miles.
A large, two story home
Appears from the distance.
Della parks her pickup,
Changes her clothes,
And heads to the stables.
Kids still at daycare,
Husband still at work.
Bud lingers in his stall,
Their daily ride awaits.
He trots along the dirt path.
Della doesn’t tell anyone
She enjoys the time to think.
Think about how her day went..
Think about seeing her husband..
Think about how she’s going to tell
Him she doesn’t have that much time left.

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