Is This True Beauty?

January 14, 2008
The water glistens brightly in the moonlight
Listen silently as the waves crash upon the shore
Staring directly at the point where the earth meets the sky
At the point where the earth ends and new life begins
I ask you, is this true beauty?

The massive, lifeless clouds cover the sky
A solitary crack in them sends light falling upon the flower
The flower that stands in the heart of the meadow
The spotlight on the stage of earth has landed on this flower
I ask you, is this true beauty?

A sphere of yellow surrounding a black circle
An eye of cleverness, mysticism and calculation
An eye quick to spot movement, quick to react
The eye which belongs to a panther
I ask you, is this true beauty?

Thunder rumbles throughout the sky
The raindrop starts its fall, swaying in the air
Its hopeful gleaming shell of water will soon shatter
As it bashes on to the pavement of the schoolyard
I ask you, is this true beauty?

Its talon scratches the water’s surface as it flies
The great feathered wings slice through the air
Ripples tumble out into the lake from below
Now, majestically it stands along the waterfront
I ask you, is this true beauty?

They dance down from the sky to meet their chums below
Each exquisitely unique as it falls from above
Onto the tongues of young ones running around in delight
Or into the sea of white molding into others of its kind
I ask you, is this true beauty?

Beauty is to the eye of the beholder
It can be the sparkling ocean or the sun’s radiant light
It can be a panther’s ambiguous eye or a birds amazing pride
It can even be elegant raindrops or graceful snowflakes
And maybe, it could even be you.

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