soul be free

January 13, 2008
By Nathan Rollins, West Topsham, VT

Thy heart is so shallow,
yet thy exterior so soft
So warm to the touch,
so pleasant to hold
Thy heart may be dark and damp
But thy eyes prove that there is light in all darkness
That there is warmth in all coldness
I have seen the beauty of the outer body
Of the sensational feeling of the flesh
But I yet to feel the warmth of thy soul
To see the inner beauty that you hold so dear to
I wait to see thy eyes sparkle again
Like that of ago, when thy heart was still whole
When thy inner body wasnt so full of hate
Full of darkness and shallowness
I wish to see the body , the heart, and the soul
Of the girl I had so deeply fell in love with
Needing like a bird to be set free
To be set free among the graceful birds
to be whole, to love and feel happiness
To open up and let the warmth
The light, and the love back into thy body
And to let thy inner beauty show
For only when that is done
May thy soul finally be free

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