A Spartan War

June 16, 2008
By Rutu Shah, Congers, NY

A murky atmosphere hovers,
Creeping around strangling everyone,
Like a lion sneaking up on their prey.

Bloodshed everywhere
Staining the hearts red.
It’s splattered in all directions,
Smelling foul as slewed pigs.

Screams of the dying
And children terrified and babies crying.
Friends embracing each other,
Mothers mouthing a silent prayer.

Foes mark an X and we’re trapped
Laughing at our pitiful faces.
Our lovely homes getting bombarded,
While they slash everything on the way.

Flowers turning to ash,
Innocence turning dishonest,
The unfaithful covering honesty,
And love unmasking hate.

Skeletons left behind,
While the roars become distant,
And ravens scavenging for flesh.
Dead silence.

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