The Dare

June 16, 2008
I say too much, the wrong thing at the wrong time
but I can only be myself
Argue for the twisted, deep satisfaction
Those moments rest in your mind
It wasn’t right but I pushed it
Pushed it right over the cliffs

Into the night, the bleak, the inaccurately described
Discover new ways to make it through the darkness
Let my eyes remain unseen
Sequester myself in the shadows for a while
Hiding until the moment
I’ll slice through the fog
Make the sun shine brightly through
I am the one who changes
If you want to, I’ll change you too
Let these broken bones heal
Let the blood go back to blue

Too much to hold on
Not enough to let go
You can’t grasp this one
It’s beyond you

A smile to my face
A jump in my step
A smell that can only be beautiful
That comes from the freedom
Of what a memory once was
And the one day it all disappeared
Slinking off to the distance
I search and I search but I find no fruit
I’ve stopped looking, knowing I’ll never find you

Pain is only temporary
It all eventually fades away
New things will catch my eye
The mess you left behind will clear
And you will
Be left behind

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