Bad Love Within

June 13, 2008
By Natiesha Magoon, Grand Rapids, MI

There goes the glass.
As it thrashed on the ground
I sat beside with fury eyes
And starred with tears no sound
I held the sharpest piece.
Looked at it, and saw no me.
My reflection was not found.
There was no I!
Where was I!
Why couldn't I see my own skin complexion?
There was a clearing between me and the ceiling
Between me and the glass, between me and him.
I was in an heavily oppression.
So distant
So hurt
The fact my heart was ripped out my shirt
It once was given, then taken, then driven,
Into a ball of PAIN.
I had no heart anymore
Everyday my heart was sore
The pain was so insane
It ran through my internal brain
It just had to be released by just the sharpest piece,
Of glass that I had in my hand.
Me! No one will understand.
I was not ashamed
Of the letters I engraved
The scars I left beside my veins.
Was within me.
Not the good but the bad.
Before it was drained out, I use to scream and shout.
Because it spoiled my blood.
His love was no good.
It controlled my every move
I would do what he want me too.
But now its gone the love and him.
NOTE: never let the bad love within.

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