June 13, 2008
With fear in my heart, I feel so small. I don't feel strong, and have no hope at all. In the Darkness, I feel my skin crawl.
In the midst of my fear, I feel a tear...as I start to cry, it fills my eye...and rolls down my cheek, I cannot speak...why am I so weak?
Why am I in pain? I hear the demons call my name...every day it is the same.
Sadness, fear, despair- I feel it everyday. Tell me why I have to feel this way...every night I cry and sigh and wonder why.
The tears...they fall constantly, stop hurting me! Oh, I fear for my sanity!
I fear for my family, I fear for the world, for every little boy and girl...
I fear the feelings, I fear the night. The voices speak and I take flight. Make it alright...please, just make it alright...I fear the pain, I fear living life...I hate the misery, I hate the strife...
With fear in my heart I feel so very small...I don't feel strong at all.

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