Aren't We All?

June 13, 2008
Aren't we all

She wants to be, we all want to be, something.
And he wants to know, wants to know the truth,
And to everyone else she doesn't exist
And to everyone else he's just another freak
But but Aren't we all?

And she's sitting upstairs snorting her prescription pills
And he's slitting his wrists just to watch the blood
And their both wondering if there's more to life than these damn cheap thrills.
But Aren't we all?

And she can't see what she's doing to herself
And he doesn't care either way
As she shoots up her poison
And he purges himself
And their both so fake and plastic, just another stereotype
But Aren't we all?

And she's going insane under the weight of everything,
And the more blood he loses the more numb he goes
So she's cracking and loosing grip
And he's turning to ice that's quickly melting
And their both screaming save me from this hell.
But Aren't we all?

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