March 6, 2011
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I'm done with the pretending
The lies I've been sending

I'm the one that seems happy
And laughs all the time
If you ask me how I am
I will probably lie
And I will want to cry
But I have to stay strong
I can't keep up the act for too long
If you ask me what's going on
I'll say "oh nothing"
But in reality my world is crumbling
And I have been tripping and stumbling

I don't trust many people
Including most friends
They use me and abuse me
With the truth that they bend

I don't always want somebody to preach at me
Or fake supporters who think it's all peachy
I just need someone to cry on
Someone to rely on

I'm scared and confused
And I'm sick of being accused
And the people that use me being amused

I don't know what to do
Or who to go to
So I cry till I fall asleep
Another secret I have to keep
While I act as a martyr
And let emotions creep
Into my heart

For me to let go seems forbidden
All my thoughts must stay within
No matter what I can't give in
So the real me remains

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