A State or Time of Disbelief?

June 13, 2008
By Ashlyn Reth, Sunnyvale, CA

A pain that causes discomfort on the inside by a force on the outside.
A pain that can be rid of by nothing but something that humans are unable to comprehend.
I turn and trust my pain and troubles will be taken from me in a quick and painless procedure.
It takes no time to perform yet you must commit to it for the rest of your life for the procedure to be truly affective.
You may feel you are committed but you can not be sure until you all you wear is white and you can fly.
Few will wear white and fly,
But many will wear colors and walk.
Few truly understand this, while many believe they do.
Would you like to fly or walk?
Would you like to feel no pain and have no troubles?
How far away is your heaven?
How far away is your hell?
Which do you wish to be closer to?
Now which one do you honestly think you’re closer to?
Do not answer right away, for once you answer you may think,
When you should think and then answer.
It’s a decision what you believe.
It’s a decision how you live.
It’s a decision if you want a seemingly uneasable pain to be eased by a supernatural and inhuman force that most will never have a relationship with, in a place most will never see, at a time when everyone will be aware yet none will be alive nor will any be dead.
It’s a decision.
It’s your decision.

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