Voice of Reason: A collection of Haikus

June 13, 2008
By Luc Rempel, Surrey, ZZ

Did God want them dead?
We can’t even count the Iraqis
Killed by soldiers hands

The patriotic act
All freedoms taken away
Why can he do this?

War is considered
Such a noble way to die
Rather die than kill

Seventeen years old
He cannot cross the border
How scary is he?

Pitter patter down
The blood of the innocent
How many must die

Will you support war?
When you are told you have to
What choice do you have?

A thought was killed
Rest in peace free thinking – but
I won’t let you sleep

A black van pulls up
One more in Guantanamo
One more Arab gone

Liberty – she sleeps
Gone forever from our shores
She will not awake

He’s a terrorist
Are you sure it’s not fiction?
He’s just from Iraq

The war on terror
Why do we fight an idea?
How to kill a thought

Straight A’s and Muslim
God has a different name?
So what’s wrong with that?

Is freedom of speech
Now so un-American
That we cannot think?

Quitters never win
And the U.S. never quits
But they’ll never win

She was a gift from
The French who admired our ways
We should return it

A boy of fifteen
Imprisoned and tortured – but
We are the good guys

Bullet hits a body
Another life was lost here
Who could he have been?

Iraq has weapons
Of mass destruction! Whoops! But
They’re bad anyway

On nine eleven
Many people died. So
Kill more to fix it?

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