How to make a relationship last

March 3, 2011
How To Make A Relationship Last

You're in a relationship with the guy or girl you really like. You want to make it work out, but how? There are a few easy steps that you’re going to need to know when you’re in a relationship.

#1: Communicate! Talk to each other, but don’t call over and over again. If you think that your relationship is having a problem talk about it, don’t stir up and argument with each other.

#2: Don’t be overly attached! Yeah it’s a good thing to spend time together but you also need your time apart too. Make sure you add time for your friends.

#3: Don’t say I love you right away! Some people date for a week and say I love you, don’t pour your heart out that quick. Take your relationship slow.

#4: Don’t be someone your not! Just be yourself when you date, because if they don’t like you for you. Then your relationship isn’t going to blend well.

#5: Trust! If you don’t trust the person you are dating, then your relationship isn’t going to last long. You knead to trust the person your in a relationship with.

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