Ice Cream Melts On Tuesdays

June 13, 2008
By Daniella Monticciolo, Holmdel, NJ

The last day of school is here at last,
The tedious school year has finally past.
This year that seemed to slowly tred,
Left nothing but memories in my head.
On graduation day I’ll hold my head up high.
And try my very best not to cry.
Trying to remember that, when one door shuts another will ajar,
We’ll dance all through the night, under the radiant stars.
The night will seem forever; eternal night of bliss.
It composes a memory in my mind, and seals it with a kiss.
Those girls and boys who won’t be back next year
Will grieve, yearn, and tear.
In our night of ecstasy there sorrows will still lay,
But tomorrow we’ll awake, to the first summer day.
Summer days; to summer nights,
We’ll sit back, relax; no drama, no fights.
As waves wash away schools burden from my back,
Another sunny day lies in my track.
Ice cream, barbeques, water slides,
Walking on the board walk; funnel cake, games, and rides.
And the sky will shine so bright, it will make you forget there was ever a sun.
At night you’ll dream so deep of all your summer fun.
Fire works stream through the sky.
In the past our worries lie.
Everything is serene; and none is failed.
And soon enough, next years schedule is mailed.

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