June 11, 2008
Selfishly I wish to steal you away,
keep you hidden and mine for a day
where hours expand and daydreams can fly;
time ceases to endlessly pass us on by.

The wind whispers longing into the trees
as the sky darkens for the night we can seize
every word, every thought, every reluctant goodbye
lifts me higher and helps me believe I can fly.

Your absence is a void keeping company at my side
always crashing ‘gainst me like a beautiful tide.
Every memory is a blossom of wary green hope,
growing stronger in helping me believe I can cope.

You sleep when I thrive and I sleep when you wake,
when you leave or I leave, we could threaten to break.
But when I dream I’m with you and I am finally sure
That regardless of time and of place, we endure.

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